Monday, July 12, 2010

XOXO and jejeje: Twitter and social networks

It has been sometime that the Internet age started creeping to our society.

With great technologies being made or discovered every year, our society seems to look like the science fiction movies we use to watch during Friday night. One new thing is the rise of Internet language. 

The Internet is not limited to the geeks alone. Even some not so highly technological people have also invaded the cyberspace and created a world of their own. It started with YM lingo like LOLZ, ASL, GTG, and the one that I got curious with because I only knew the meaning which means Kiss and Hugs, XOXO.

The same Internet language was also in a way uploaded to our daily living specially due to the use of cellular phone and text messaging. The need to express yourself with only 140 characters forced us to innovate. Also the use of special characters to create images are some of the most ingenious creations the people of this Internet age, the youth, has contributed to the new era. While the debate is going on if such way of expression will be a good or a bad one due to the degrading effects on grammar and proper communications another wave of culture brought about by such came to being. Welcome to the rise of the Jejemons.

Jejemons are not only the persons that use the famous Jejebet, the alphabet of the Jejejmons, but also are the ones with that kind of culture of which makes them different from the normal. It has become a culture. You can see it in their Facebook and Friendster mesages. In Yahoo Messenger or Myspace and other social networks. It breed a new tribe at the same time it created factions like the Jejebuster, person who use the Jejebet to intimidate Jejemons. 

It seems that our future is backwards. Before we express ourselves with lengthy sentences. Now with Twitter, we have become more expressive only using 140 characters. Philippines was said to be the texting capital of the world and now Indonesia is the Twitter capital of the world. New words or abbreviations and symbols has new meanings because of the need to evolve and express oneself in a new medium. Social networks has connected people with different culture and language. Virtually we are very near and yet no physical connections exist. Barriers are torn down but at the same time problems of privacy arose.

What is the latest new term have you learned lately? Share some here in the comment.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

When your heart talks

Love has always been the cause of so many things in life. But today love is causing me pain and confusion.

I hate this feeling. The feeling when you know deep inside of you there is something that you feel towards someone and yet you don't want it to surface because you don't want to lose what you already have with someone. You wanted to chose to stay that way but you can hear the beating of your heart. Instead of you being happy you turn to be troubled.

I know this feeling years back. But back then I know that its not the right thing to do. I wanted to be a better than the one who loves, because I wanted to be the one that will stand by when needed. Someone to look up to when help and guidance is needed. I know that from the very beginning and yet just lately emotions are rushing into me. Probably it was triggered by some unspoken words. By some unusual terms pass by into me. Probably I misinterpret it; and I am hoping it was just a wrong misinterpretation.

How I wish it is a feeling that I would embrace but in reality I don't know what to do about it. Do I pursue it or put it back to the deepest corners of my heart where it should be. I don't know what to do and I don't know if I am ready for the answers.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sleeplessness: Me and me and me

Many people have this sickness called insomnia sleep disorder.

As of today I don't see myself insomniac so to speak; but the fact that I don't get enough sleep a bad thing. One bad thing I know about it is that you keep on eating in daybreak to stay awake since I cant be sleeping on  daybreak, how I wish. But on weekends I try to catch sleep but I hate the idea. When waking up from such slumber it seems I slept for two or three days. Sometimes I wonder if what year is it when I wake up. And when my body begins to realize that probably I just slept three or four hours my head begins to ache, my back begins to ache, and as if I want to vomit.

As much as I wanted to doze off at 10:00 pm I cant. My mind is still awake but its not thinking of anything. Thus it starts to wander. I cant lie down in bed or else I will be awake the whole night. There are things I can do while passing time until my body decides to sleep but the problem is my mind is blank. And when the mind is blank you know what happens. 

I have mentioned in my past blogs about a time when as if I am hearing a strange talk while I was lying down in my bed. It was creepy. As if a dead man speaking in language from the past is right there in my room. Whispering eerie things in my ear. 

Do you know what can I do to fight this sleeplessness? Do you know what causes insomnia, or you have any insomnia information? Leave your advices and thoughts  in the comment box, your contribution is highly appreciated

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Zeitgeist Movement: Is it the truth?

A friend of mine told me to watch this particular movie and its sequel. Was able to searched it in youtube and watch it. The first movie about nearly two hours talks about how a particular group of people manipulated the entire world using religion, money system, politics, and international relations. The second one still talks about the same topic only that it showcased a particular project called the Venus Project.

If you will watched it it seems factual and compelling. If you don't guard your senses well you will be easily drawn to join in their group. But the truth is some of the ideas and things they mentioned were true. yes religion has been one of the caused of division and hate in this world that is why Crusades were wage and up to now the fight between Muslims and Christians rages on. It shouldn't be that way. Though we have different belief it doesn't mean that the only way to end it is to wage war at one another. Also sad to say that some Catholics and Christians, Muslims, and other religion now a days are only  in name not in practice. If only people understand and appreciate what they believe in and use it to unite the differences rather than separate this world would have been a better place.

There is also some truth about the money system fraud that they mentioned. Yes our society is profit driven. But that alone is not bad, what is bad is when a few abuses it and turn greedy. The term legal tender means the state promises to pay for the face value. Thus inflation exist because over time the value of money goes down due to oversupply because of continuing business. Interest is the consequence of using other's asset thus when you borrow money you are charged interest. The bad thing about it is that people in reality are the very reason why the value of money went down. As of present people barrow money either through loan, credit card, of mortgage to satisfy themselves now. They don't know to delay gratification. Since they are indebt off course legally unpaid debt must be paid with additional interest. In order to fight this group of bankers from abusing their right to charge interest the weapon is to turn the tables around: charge them interest. Don't barrow money, work for some and invest what you have. Accumulate and buy them out buy buying more of their stocks. Ask others to keep on buying so that when the minority interest are combined you form a block bigger than the original owners. Of course there will be a point were they will buy you out, dont sell your ownership. 

Politics and the business of war is actually a reality. There is no need to explained to you why so many countries go to war. It is a business just like the olden times of colonialism and imperialism.

As for the topic of one world government, I think it would be nice to have one government the problem lies on whom will be the government. If the central government will be presided by the very same few people then it would be what we see in movies now a days. As regards to the Venus project, if such will push through who will preside it. Yes it is true that the Earth's is enough for all of us, the problem lies with the distribution of wealth. If such project is taken over by the few there would be no difference on what we have now.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Twitter trending topic about #thatsdisturbing

I have just joined the Twitter bandwagon and has become addicted to it. Another thing that makes Twitter the latest Social Network is the trending topic. You get to share your ideas or opinion on such topics by only using 140 characters(minus the topic). Topics that are tag with the hash tag "#" allows Twitter to in a way indexed that word and create a data about it.

The topic is about what's disturbing. The Twitter trending topic is on #thatsdisturbing and here are some excerpts in the Twitter world:

You 30 and you still playing w/ action figures #thatsdisturbing

a babe havn an adams apple nd a voice deeper than shaqs...#thatsdisturbing

Chic has more facial hair than I do #ThatsDisturbing

#thatsdisturbing when you're watching horror by yourself...

when u ask many question like a detective #thatsdisturbing

Seeing someone u know die in front of u...#thatsdisturbing

A woman with feet bigger than Shaq's... #thatsdisturbing     

How about you what do you consider disturbing? You can add up here by posting in the comment box or clicking retweet and adding the #thatsdisturbing at the end .

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010:Philippine National Election

Today the Philippines is electing government officials from the highest to the municipal level.

It has been a history that it would be a bloody election. Last year the clash between the Ampatuans and Mangudadatus in Maguindano has claimed about 70 lives including journalist. In other parts of the Philippines reports of destroying the PICOS machines were noted a day or hours before election and a sadder news just hours after the start of the election 4 were killed. Even civilians just refusing to be bought was just shot at point blank. The question that always run in my mind why does it has to be like this?

Lives are taken for just a position which pays only a small amount. So many people wanted to grab seats of power. Have they not known that being elected is a sacrifice. It should be a seat of lifelong sacrifice to serve fellow man and not to serve oneself and its allies. I have seen this mentality for my family as well is in politics. Good thing I never dip my foot to it. Back then my brother was considering me to run as barangay SK chairman just like many of my cousins in different barangays in our town. Sons and daugthers are force to run for a seat in government to preserve power and then it will be a continuous cycle of interchange. The former mayor runs as congressman and the former congressman runs as governor then after one term the governor runs for mayor and the mayor runs for congressman....a line of what we call TRAPO(Traditional Politicians)

What Philippines need are statesmen. Men who does not run for fame, power and money but rather men who run for the better management of the country. The Philippines has long been longing for this but the powerful and influential has always abuse the poverty and ignorance of the masses. The few elite men are blinded by the promises and positions that they will get once they side with the Trapo, and the few great men are easily push around due to lack of support and lack of machinery to topple down the dynasty.

All I could do is to pray for the fate of the Philippines. A few more hours and the election will really start; counting the votes is one of the darkest hours of the election. Many politicians will kill just to win, just to make sure they get the votes. I pray for the safety of the canvassers, watchers, teachers, media, observers, and all Filipino doing there best for a fair, clean and honest results of this May 10, 2010 election. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Human nature of wanting more

(Picture courtesy of Single Mind)

Lately I have joined the forum I used to comment and share with and this topic has been a hot topic.

By nature, as we learned back in economics 101, man has an unlimited wants and needs. Because of this notion we developed a mentality of greed and envy, two of the seven capital sins. When we were born we were just small creatures dependent to our parents. When we grow to childhood we are faced with the experience of having things because our dads and moms love us that much so they buy things for us. We develop the sense of ownership then into a form of greed. We don't want other people to touch or play with our things. We keep on saying "mine, mine, mine" just like my little niece. 

Envy develops when we begin to compare what we have with others. Fueled by somebody else showiness and flagrant boasting that theirs is better than yours one begins to think that what they have is inferior or second class and because of that we feel the same way so we tend to want what they have in order to satisfy ourselves that we are not inferior to them. 

Wanting more in a sense is not that bad. If wanting more will lead you to greater achievements then it is a good thing. But it becomes bad when one pursues it just to be in the same level as others. Again envy starts when one compares oneself to  others. That is why one should have a standard on which one has to focus. In order for a person to say to himself has achieve something great one has to prove that to himself first before others.

This is something that most people don't grasp. Your inability to surpass your neighbor would only lead you to depression. Because you have to prove to your neighbor that you are better you forget to see clearly and that leads you to rather satisfy your neighbor's standard rather than yours. Isn't that insane. You rather do a lot of work and sacrifices just not to be branded as second class. In the end you will regret that it seems that you have never live the fullness of life because you have been chasing the wind for all of your life.

As I have always advice others life is a choice. You choose your standards. You choose your battles. If for you the only important thing in life is to surpass somebody else then what would happen if you did surpass them? I think life will be boring and all your efforts would have been a waste because in the end all the things that you bought out of envy will just be there dusting because in reality you will get bored with them and you wont be able to play or enjoy them because you have to work harder and longer to pay them of. In truth you just traded it for another thing called DEBT and you also loss one great thing which is called TIME.